The movie ‘The Boss’ featuring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell is inappropriately hilarious.

The story starts with a wealthy mogul Michelle Darnell, played by Melissa McCarthy, who always gets what she wants. When faced with the accusation of insider trading she loses everything, goes to prison, and when she gets out has to start again from zero.

Her former assistant, Claire, played by Kristen Bell is forced to find new work, but not for long. Fresh out of prison,  Michelle visits and convinces Claire to let her stay with her and her daughter. While living with them, Michelle devised a plan to get back to the top through a brownie empire based on the hard to resist Girl Scout faces. The new “Darnell’s Darlings” was only the beginning for the two partners Michelle and Claire, for her old enemies would stop at nothing to make sure she never reacheS success again.

Personally, this movie does contain family values, but should be shown with discretion to certain ages, especially since it’s rated “R.”

Overall, I loved the film because it combines humor with some of the harsh realities those successful and average face in their everyday life.

This film goes to show that no matter who you are, or where you’re from, it’s up to you where you’ll end up in life, and that money, no matter how much, can’t replace family.

Bithia Dantoumda

[email protected]