Fourteen students made the  swim team this year and did their best during competitions, notes coach Anastasia Nieves.

“Although swimming is a tough competitive sport, we are hoping next year is better,” Nieves said. “As a coach I am supportive of my swimmers, but I am also still learning the ropes.”

Junior Ivan Ponce said he started swimming because of his parents, but as he started training he started to like it a lot and it soon became a hobby for him. Compared to last last year they didn’t have an efficient team.

“My strengths were that I am always positive toward the team as a leader, but I also want to become a better swimmer,” Ponce said. “The Texan swim team ended its season with its best effort and positive improvements, but came up short.”

Sophomore Louis Roa said since last year we’ve gained new swimmers, so this season was great compared to last year.

“As a team we are very good at keeping each other’s spirits up, but are intimidated by how big the other schools are,” Roa said. “Both of our team captains are very motivational toward the team.”

Diego Perez

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