Often times students rank schools by their reputation, but spending a day Martin High School made me realize that our school is just as good as any other school in Arlington, if not better.

  Walking into Martin, despite what I’d heard, I had no pre-expectations of what the school or my day would be like. When I got to the school, although having the same student population, it was much larger. Yet, they still had traffic in the halls. This goes to say that it doesn’t matter what you have, but how you handle it. Our principal, has done a great job with what we have.

  Sure, every school has students that come from all walks of life, but that’s not what it’s reputation should be based off of. One’s love for  a school can only come from his/her experience. I loved spending a day at  Martin, but I love Sam. From what I’ve learned from both schools, looking for a “perfect school” is a waste of time. When looking for a school, it’s best to go someplace that you push yourself to do better.

  There were plenty of similarities between us and Martin like taking online quizzes in class just like we would in a Pre-AP or AP course. Class discussions were often held to help students understand what they were learning, hoods remained off in class, and all classes were held in a college like environment. Notes, as usual are the primary way to pass a class. No notes, no information.

   Spending a day at another school not only gave me a new experience, but dispelled stereotypes too. Of course some schools have the Tumblr girls with the Starbucks in their hands, hair buns, and eyeliner, while others have jocks, and athletes all over. But Sam has it all. When categorized we don’t fit into one category.

  Some differences I saw included how free we are to use our phones. In math class, for an example, phones were put in a pouch with a number on it matching your desk and at the end of class you could retrieve it. IDs were still mandatory, but they had to be on your body, not necessarily around your neck.

  Here at Sam, we are very blessed. Believe it or not, we have unbelievable access to technology in nearly each class. Considering the amount of students we have, the amount of technology we have is impressive.

The Sam staff has improved and there are teachers willing to help a student as long as they’re willing to help themselves.

  This year alone, many students have gone on to do great things such as earn scholarships, academically and athletically, and school spirit has risen. Like we always say, “In the halls of Sam Houston, there are no strangers.”  

  There are no major differences between Sam Houston and Martin.

  In the end, when choosing a high school, choose one that suits you and helps you grow throughout your high school career.

Bithia Dantoumda

[email protected]

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