For many generations, men have been the “dominant” gender. In the past, many cultures and people’s beliefs have been about men being stronger. However, no matter how long ago that belief started, it continues today and many still think men are better, stronger and more powerful.

I am a feminist because I don’t think it’s fair for women to have less rights or to have less opportunities. Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men. Many confuse feminism and misunderstand it, thinking women just want more power.

Many people still don’t understand the concept or the definition of feminism. They think feminism will raise women to power and take power from men. If  people would take a moment to research feminism, they’d know that women earn 78 cents for every dollar a man makes and even in the 10 top paying jobs they earn less.

A lot of people think all feminists are angry, or they all hate men. Well they don’t and they don’t all feel like the victim either. Some men are actually feminists too. And other men claim they feel “victimized” by feminists. I believe women have been in more situations where they were told they couldn’t do something or were forced to do something, by men.

Sexism has long existed, in big and small things. With ads, movies, tv shows, music, it has even been a tradition in many homes. This type of mentality has actually stuck on people, many still denying opportunities to women in jobs, education and even in what should be their personal choices. And some men still say they are, “not aware of a single area where women are disadvantaged relative to men,” like Mike Buchanan, leader of Justice for Men and Boys.

There are issues that only affect men, there’s no doubt about that, but women continue to live at a disadvantage in most areas that men have made progress. The problem is that people ignore these differences.

For example, in many schools, girls are sent home for wearing skirts or “inappropriate” clothes that distract the learning environment. Many of those girls have claimed that the schools are giving more priority to the boys. Some girls in a Charleston County school have protested in hopes of establishing a fair dress code for them.

Female students, or anyone, shouldn’t give up on what they believe. If they want to wear a skirt at school without them being expelled or if they want to be paid as much as men then they should continue to stand up for themselves. They should not let anyone step on them and continue to fight for what they want.

Gloria Gatica

[email protected]