On National Signing Day, athletes all around the country take a st
ep closer to launching their sports careers into a profession. This year 11 SHHS student athletes took that step and officially accepted offers to play sports for various colleges Wednesday, Feb. 3.

“I’ve always dreamed of signing to a college one day ever since I started playing football,” senior Eric Ward said. “It makes me really happy to see that I’ve made my family proud. They’ve come up here to show all their support.

For some SHHS athletes being accepted into college means a better life and a gateway to more opportunities not only for them, but also for their families. Others saw Signing Day as a reward for all their hard work and support from their families the last four years.

“Today means a lot for me and my family. My mom has always wanted me to go to college and I have to so it’s a big day,” senior Kabien Barron said. “I committed to Tyler Jr. College. It’s a nice school. I think it’s the best school for me to continue to be a successful young man.”

This opportunity not only helps these Texans with their sports careers, it also gives them the chance to better their education. Most of the signed athletes plan to study business and sports management, while others choose to study bio technology, computer science, and engineering.

“I plan to study business and minor in international business and entrepreneurship because my family has a barbecue business and I plan on taking over the business one day and helping them out,” senior Reginald Stubblefield said.

These athletes also hope to grow as individuals. Gaining an education as well as knowledge and wisdom is something they hope to do to better their lives for themselves and for their future families.

“By being all the way in Illinois I hope to grow into who I’m becoming as a man and as a person.” senior Noah Newhouse said. “Obviously gain a great education that will be able to provide for my family in the future and hopefully getting to play a little football while I’m there.”

Vyveca Wiley

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