By Aniayha Ross, Journalism Reporter

The varsity girls’ basketball playoff run ended Feb. 13 with a loss against Highland Park 52-31. 

“I feel like overall this season was a success, missing the playoffs last year when we should’ve made it fell a little short,” assistant coach Kevelle Harmon said. “We were able to be competitive, stayed in a lot of games, came close to actually beating Bowie, we should have beat them. I feel like it was an overall success.”

The team ends the season 19-11.

“It’s a sight, before I got here the last time we ever made it to the playoffs was over 22 years ago,” head coach Brandon Keeling said. “To be able to make the playoffs two out of the last three years is exciting.”

Senior Maddison Harris was this season’s MVP. Harris said the next year’s team should enjoy the experience because eventually it’ll be gone and those are moments you can’t get back.

“I feel like overall this season taught me new experiences, it gave me new friendships,” she said. “It was a good season. Of course, I feel like we could’ve done more but I’m also proud of what we did accomplish.”

Aniayha Ross

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