By Maximino Marquez, Journalism Reporter

As a senior with 31 credits, electives are only hindering my future.

Being so close to graduating, and taking classes that have no impact on my future, is only wasting my time from getting a job, or experiencing life.

A high school elective is a course that’s not part of your core curriculum, meaning that as a senior, if you have the credits completed, they are not required. An off period is a period with no class that seniors get once completed their elective credits. I have completed all of my elective credits, and only need core class credits to graduate.

Taking classes I do not need, and have no interest in only causes me unnecessary stress. I already have two off periods, but I’m still taking elective classes that, at this point, just waste my time. Not caring about the class is an option, but it only affects my GPA for college.

I could be working, but instead, I have to take classes that waste my time. Working late shifts and then waking up early is an inconvenience that can be avoided.

Although some people agree with me, others might not. Counselors might say it’s “childish” or “immature” thinking, but some seniors just want to finish high school and begin working. Other seniors want to focus on school, but may need some money and can use the time for work.

There’s no reason to keep students in school when they can be out starting their lives early. Electives should only be required when the credits have not been completed.

Maximino Marquez

[email protected]