By Julian Reyes, Journalism Reporter

Do you know what I am tired of? Having to pay a fee when it doesn’t matter. That’s how I feel about Sam Houston’s parking policy. Why should I pay for a parking pass when the pass isn’t used?

The school should either get rid of the parking pass or enforce the rule.

At the beginning of the school year, the principal announced that they were selling parking passes and they were $5. The fee was understandable because it’s parking and some people drive themselves to school.

However, today I haven’t heard anything about the problem. Why should I have to pay a fee for a parking pass when people without one park in the parking lot?

I think if I pay for a thing I should be able to access it and not have to deal with people who didn’t pay the parking fee. The parking issue hasn’t been brought up ever since they finished selling passes. They threatened to tow anyone who was parked and doesn’t have a pass, but it has remained a warning and hasn’t happened.

So what can we do about it? I think they should either reinforce the rule or get rid of it. It’s unfair of the school to charge students for parking and still let people sneak in. They could have someone stay at the entrance and check for passes. However, they should show that they are serious and actually enforce the rules or add changes to the rule.

But they could always get rid of the pass, for example, they would have you drive up to the entrance and show your ID to get in the parking lot. No parking fee is required, or they could check the cars as you come in so that way they can confirm that you don’t have anything that would cause trouble.

In my opinion, the parking issue is an issue that shouldn’t be looked over. It’s unfair for students to be charged for parking while other students sneak in. they should just get rid of the parking pass or even better, enforce the parking pass with new rules.

Julian Reyes

[email protected]