By Melanie Alvarez, Journalism Reporter

Since the courtyard closed in October people have to take a longer route to class. The administration closed it to stop fights and for safety.

My opinion is they should open the courtyard backup for the rest of the year that we have left.

It makes students late to class and then teachers get mad at them for being late. If you try to hurry you bump into people. They start getting mad and try and cuss you out for touching them by accident. It has happened to me.

They think closing the courtyard is gonna make people go straight to class since they can’t stop and talk in the courtyard but you still see students late to class because they stop to talk in the hallways.

There were fights in the courtyard but closing the courtyard didn’t stop students from fighting. They happened all around campus. They should just get the people that start the problem not everyone else.

The administration should reopen the courtyard since the fights did kinda go down and the hallways are too crowded.

Melanie Alvarez

[email protected]