By Moises Castro, Editor-in-Chief

The “Free Lot” formerly known as the Dollar Lot is free for students to park in as long as their car is registered in the Freshmen Center. 

“If you’re going to park in the Dollar Lot, which I’m going to change the name of that it’s not gonna be the Dollar Lot because it’s free,” principal Juan Villarreal said. “I’m going to call it the Free Lot because we are not even charging you a $1.”

Students are required to complete an application that asks for the following information: name, student ID number, home address, personal phone number, email address, the car’s license plate number, the year, make and model of the car, and an emergency contact. 

Once the application is approved a parking sticker is issued to the student to display inside the front windshield. Students must enter the Free Lot from  East Timberview Lane. Cars without the proper sticker will be turned away or are subject to be towed if illegally parked inside the lot. Gates to the lot are closed after the first bell of the school day.

The 100 parking spaces adjacent to the Free Lot are open to seniors only. Seniors must pay $30 or $5 and register their vehicles in the Bookkeepers Office in the morning or before lunch.

The $30 spots are guaranteed and serve as a fundraiser for the senior class. The $5 spots are not guaranteed and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Moises Castro

[email protected]