By Gabriela Alvarez, Photographer

School is stressful and students suffer more when teachers don’t post grades on time.  Students can’t make assignment corrections, complete extra credit or attend after school tutorials.

Teachers need to submit grades every two to three days, not at the last minute.

Students that know how they are doing in their classes can take extra steps to improve their grades. They can ask their teachers if they can correct an assignment or stay after school for tutoring. Both of which will help them improve their grades. 

Student Self Serve is a good resource that helps students keep up with their assignments. If teachers would submit grades early or on time, it would create less stress because they can help their struggling students sooner. 

Teachers and students could have more free time if grades are posted in a reasonable time. Students who are passing would not be stressed anymore. Teachers that have posted the grades on time have extra time to take care of their personal activities.

Teachers say they don’t have enough time to put in grades. But it’s their responsibility to keep students on track.

Teachers should set up a goal to put in grades earlier or at the end of each week to be more helpful to students and themselves.

Gabriela Alvarez

[email protected]