By Moises Castro, Editor-in-Chief

“Pokemon Sword” and “Pokemon Shield” were finally released in November and the Pokemon community has never been more torn. These games were the first mainline Pokemon games to be on a non-handheld system and the beginning of the eighth Pokemon with the Galar region. Half of the community either believes these games are ugly, rushed and unfinished. While the other expresses the games are unique, beautifully made, and overall fun.

“Pokemon Sword” and “Pokemon Shield” are by far unique, beautiful, and fun.

Along with the original Pokemon formula, there are new mechanics that have certainly made this game unique. The Wild Area is one of these features and is a section in the game where its open world with full camera control in these areas where they can find pokemon spawning in different places depending on the overworld’s weather. Dynamaxing is the newest gimmick of the region and what it does is make Pokemon quite large in battle and power up their moves for three turns, so the player must have a strategy to use it effectively. 

The smooth graphics of these amazing games are not something to ignore. The character customization options are greater than ever before. Now one can truly create themselves as close as they can to how they look or go all out and try to create how they wish to look, and players truly connect with their characters in ways that haven’t been done before. Music is always important in any game and the rock-themed soundtrack in these games is phenomenal. Every little melody from walking in the woods to battling a strong gym leader feels like an adventure. 

A player feels connected to their characters and their Pokemon. The Gym battles are public events that get the player making a name for themselves and performing for tons of fans. The player slowly starts rising to the top while gaining fame and people start to support them inside and outside of the events. This makes the adventure an actual journey where the player can feel the growth of their name and strength.

Some argue that not making every Pokemon available to catch in the games invalidates the games and makes them bad. However, this is incorrect. The amount of Pokemon in the game doesn’t overshadow all of its good qualities and won’t make these games bad in the slightest.

Any fans on the fence about “Pokemon Sword” and “Pokemon Shield” should buy the games and experience the amazing adventure for themselves before listening to someone else’s opinion about its quality.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are great games that are worth a try from most of the fandom for their great qualities.

Moises Castro

[email protected]