By Moises Castro 

Today is the last day to vote for the Arlington Independent School District 2019 bond project that includes improvements to facilities, fine arts, transportation, safety, security and technology across the district with no tax increase. 

If the measure passes, the $966 million bond will include improvements to the softball and athletic fields, restroom, auditorium, and fine arts renovations for Sam Houston.

Principal Juan Villarreal said the field renovations will not only help with the beautification of the campus but also ensure more participation in football, track and soccer. He said more participation will improve students’ discipline and academics.

“I would vote YES for the bond,” Villarreal wrote in an email. “Unfortunately, I am not able to vote as I do not live in Arlington. This is the first time that I will not be able to vote for something [that] is so important to our schools.”

Senior Javier “Jay” Lozano said the school looks great on the outside but the inside needs work He feels the renovations are a good thing for the school and its students.

“I also feel the funding needs to be put into academic resources because a lot of things are outdated,” Lozano said. “I’ve come from many schools and I’ve noticed the differences.”

The bond package seems rushed to math teacher Billy Wilson. There’s so much money in the bond almost too much, he said.

“I think we need more counseling for some of our students, help them deal with a lot of the trauma that they deal with here at Sam Houston,” Wilson said. “I think we need to focus more on what’s going on inside the schools.”

The bond is trying to address all the school’s older and more worn down sections of the building,  theatre teacher Kimberly Miller said. This bond project won’t be raising taxes any more than they already have, which is good for those who live in Arlington, she said.

“I love that they are really addressing the ADA issues that we have,” Miller said. “I can’t think of anything or an addition to what they are already spending the money on.”

Moises Castro

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