The singer tells her story through her lyrics


By Kristian Jones, Opinion Editor


Twenty-year-old R&B singer, Layton Greene shared her Album ‘Tell Ya Story’ Sept. 26. The album consists of seven tracks where the artist talks about her struggles and her victories. The album was co-produced by Greene, Pierre “P” Thomas, G Stylez, and others.

The seven ep album touches on her family struggles, love, and the problems she faces. Greene wrote the album for the world to know who Layton Greene is.

Track one “Blame On Me” produced by Gabriel Hart and written by Greene uses a simple beat to let Greene tell her story about an absent father, abandonment, homelessness, sexual abuse, and how she put the blame on herself. Greene expresses and puts listeners in her shoes with her lyrics. She uses lyrics such as “Momma getting high up in the kitchen,” and “Daddy wasn’t there, he was missing.” Showing how her parents acted starting the song off with an already negative view of both parties. I can relate to blaming oneself for things we have no control over such as people’s feelings or actions. Remembering a time where I felt guilty for a friend’s struggle I had no blame in. 

“Open Wounds” produced by G Stylez is more dominant with its beats, but still focuses on Greene’s lyrics. She sings about a lover that’s cheated on her and how she needs to heal from his or her wrongs. Judging by the lyrics the relationship was a serious one that could cause such wounds. Lyrics such as “I gave you everything that I had in me,” and “I think my heart needs to take some time to heal”  show her pain. 

While “Blame On Me” and “I choose” are two of the strongest songs on the album there are weaker songs like track two. “Never knew” lyrically is just another love song about the good and bad of love with drum beats. Greene’s vocals, however, shine throughout the song and makes up for it. 

Layton Greene’s album “Tell Ya Story” is all around a good listen and shows her potential for greater things. Greene is definitely much more than the girl that went viral for her remix of Kodak Black’s “Roll In Peace.”

Kristian Jones

[email protected]