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By Daniela Valero, Staff Writer

After 11 years and 21 films, Avengers: Endgame was a highly anticipated movie by Marvel fans.

In this film the remaining Avengers try to come up with a plan to bring all the other Avengers back to the present after Thanos makes half of the world’s population vanish in Avengers: Infinity War.

At first they couldn’t come up with a plan but with the help of Scott Lang (Ant-Man) they time travel through the quantum realm. They each go on a different journey to take an Infinity Stone from the past and fight Thanos. Endgame takes viewers back to many events that led up to the final battle.

I liked this movie because it did not leave any details out and if you have seen all the previous 21 Marvel movies, seeing everything in this final movie evokes a nostalgic feeling.

The Russo Brothers honestly could not have done a better job directing this film and giving us the last Avengers movie with all the original Avengers.

With just the opening weekend Endgame made $1.2 billion in ticket sales and that shows how loyal Marvel fans can be. I have watched it three times already because I just like to watch the that final battle over and over. Some movie theatres even left the movie on loop for four days straight.

Overall it really is getting the recognition it deserves and it most definitely should be movie of the year.


Daniela Valero

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