By Kristian Jones, Opinion Editor

BlackPink, YG entertainment’s biggest girl group, came back with their mini album ‘Kill This Love’ April 4. Their album consists of four new tracks and a remix of their last song ‘Ddu-du Ddu-du’ from the Square Up album. The tracks were produced by BlackPink’s most used producer Teddy Park and others such as R.tee, 24, Bekuh BOOM.

The group’s new mini album still keeps that BlackPink sound fans love whilst giving them something new. Their previous albums such as ‘Square up’ and ‘Square Two’ had more dance music tracks with a song here and there to recover from. ‘Kill This Love’ has two tracks that fans can dance to and three tracks to sit back and enjoy. Most of the tracks have EDM influences and incorporate it well so it’s not as in your face like their previous song ‘BOOMBAYAH.’ Throughout the mini album, their songs attack themes of love but in different ways. Some were strong and confronting whilst some are softer and slower.

Their title track ‘Kill This Love’ produced by Teddy, R.tee, 24, and Bekuh BOOM introduces brass instruments throughout the song and showcases the group’s black side more than their pink. The song switches up quite a bit and towards the end becomes a war anthem of sorts to end a toxic romance. The song’s lyrics talk about how the relationship starts great for both but soon it turns bad. One party of the relationship doesn’t like how they feel in it and decides it’s time to kill the love. The lyrics “While I force myself to hide my tears. I need to bring an end to this love.” and “What should I do, I can’t stand myself being so weak.” further push that they are not happy in the relationship and it’s not good for them. While the lyrics shouted “LET’S KILL THIS LOVE!” show how much they want to want to end it.

The mini album provides slower songs for listeners that prefer a softer sound than what ‘Kill This Love’ provided. Track four titled ‘Hope Not’  produced by Teddy and Lydia Paek has a difference in sound but also how different this experience of love is. Track four brings a more melancholy feel rather than the strength the title track had. The song talks about hurting their partner and how much they feel sorry while still longing for them. Lyrics such as “No matter how much I wait, you won’t come.” Express their longing for them. While the lyrics “For you, I’m okay with being hurt since I only gave you pain during the time we were together.” and “you need to find someone better than me and be happy.” shows how sorry they are to that person.

Track five the remix of previous title track ‘Ddu-du Ddu-du’ received a lot of doubts from fans who assumed it wouldn’t sound different than the original. The track proved fans wrong with a new sound with a harder beat. However though I do enjoy the remix Teddy made, I prefer the original rather than this remix version. I felt like they could have added or changed some of the lyrics. This song is definitely a performance song and would sound better in their upcoming Coachella stage.

The mini album is a good comeback for BlackPink but I would love to see a full album in the future instead of another mini album. The tracks on the album are all great songs that listeners can relate to and brings fans a new sound from BlackPink.

People, fans or not, should give this album a listen especially Tracks four, two, and one.

TEXANS TALK  ★★★★☆   

Kristian Jones

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