By Moises Castro, Editor-in-Chief

The Pokemon community was shaken by the latest Pokemon Direct that aired Feb. 27. This direct was smaller than previous games however it showcased the biggest surprise; Pokemon gen 8 was confirmed and called Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. For the readers who don’t know Pokemon separates its games into generations starting off with the new games and then remakes or spin offs that follow in the same style making up the same generation. The community is split into two factions, those who support the games calling them them the best most updated games in a while, and those who don’t support them call the game uncreative and boring.

These new games are the best and most updated games in the whole series.

While the latest entries in the series Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu looked beautiful they were merely scratching the surface of what the graphics could achieve in these games. To start the scaling in this game is very realistic. There’s no chibi graphics anymore, which was smaller characters and landscapes not set to scale. The small seven minute trailer showed us the animations for the cutscenes and gameplay, though not final, have the same great style.

This new region called Galar is based off the U.K. which is where most of the design for Pokemon and characters will be based off. This is the first time a Pokemon game will be based somewhere that isn’t in Asia or the Americas. This makes the games unique because this is the first time culture will be put into the Pokemon universe and that is sure to give interesting backstories and Pokemon designs.

Lastly, the new starters which are Pokemon that are given to you to start your journey who are grass, fire and water type look amazing. Mischievous grass type Grookey is full of curiosity. Sporty fire type Scorbunny bursting with energy and always running about. Timid water type Sobble shoots water and hides away.

Some argue these titles are non creative and the older games were better. However, the older games which they hold dear to their heart are called Red and Blue. Sword and shield are at the least creative.

Watch the trailer and buy the games to experience these new games.

Overall Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are the most beautiful games with its great graphics, inspiration and, new Pokemon.

Moises Castro

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