By Kristian Jones, Opinion Editor

BigHit entertainment produced BTS’s brother group TXT, Tomorrow x Together, with their debut album March 4 titled “The Dream Chapter: Star.” The album consists of five tracks made by a series of producers and lyricists such as BigHit’s most used producers ADORA and Supreme Boi.

TXT’s album brings a new sound coming from BigHit. Their previous groups having a more Hip Hop influence then what TXT is bringing. “The Dream Chapter: Star” album has a bright and youthful sound with soft EDM influences. The songs all have something to do with love and they convey this with such innocent lyrics. Although the subject is similar, tracks differ from each other in sound.

The title track “Crown” produced by Slow Rabbit has a pop and EDM sound. The song talks about being lonely and suffering until this person comes into their life and becomes their crown to hide their horn, their suffering and loneliness. The lyrics “Who you, are you my salvation who found me deserted” and “stop the pain, abracadabra” help convey what they are talking about.

Though most of the album has strong tracks such as track one “Blue Orangeade” and track three “Our summer.” The album does have songs that have to grow on you such as “Cat & Dog” and some need something more like track five.

Track five, “Nap Of A star” is a song produced by LEL and multiple others. The song has a slow tempo with artificial guitar sounds and soft singing. Though the songs lyrics of memories of a lover are emotional and beautiful, the sound of the song leaves much to desired. I feel like the producers could have done much more to not only make the lyrics emotional, but also the music itself.  The song sounds better live than the studio produced version.

The album overall is a great start for TXT. The music for this track is upbeat and fits the image they were going for this album. Despite the criticisms about what their sound possibly sounding like their brother brother group predebut, the album has silenced them with bringing them this whole new sound.

People should give it a listen. Especially tracks one and two.


Kristian Jones

[email protected]