By Moises Castro, Editor-in-Chief

Some students expressed mixed emotions after Fridays’ lockdown.

During the lockdown, freshman Hasan Diksin said he texted his dad about the situation and he asked his dad if he could pick him up.

“I was kinda scared and a bit confused as to what was happening during the lockdown,” he said. “I was relieved to know that everything was fine.”

The campus will hold a community meeting at 7:30 p.m. today in the Little Theatre in response to Friday’s lockdown.

The campus went into a hour long lockdown after a large fight broke out shortly after the seventh period passing period in the old courtyard. The campus security and administrative teams responded to the fight to apprehend the fighters and clear the courtyard.

After the courtyard was cleared, a tip was received that a weapon was seen on campus. After an identified suspect and campus-wide search, no weapon was found, assistant principal Rosa Orosco stated in a statement about the incident on Saturday.

“We came together as a family today to secure our Sam Houston home,” Orosco said. “I am proud to be a Sam Houston Texan and I am proud of everyone who helped secure our home on Friday, thank you!”

Freshman My Nguyen was in Gym C for tennis study hall when the lockdown announcement was made. Her phone was dead and she couldn’t text her family to let them know that she was okay.

“I didn’t feel very concerned during the lockdown because the doors were locked, but now I am a little bit more worried,” Nguyen said.

Freshman Andrea Carrizales was in her AVID classroom during the lockdown. She said it was scary because she didn’t know what was happening.

“I wasn’t really relieved, but still scared cause they might still be out there,” she said after the lockdown was over.

Moises Castro

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*Reporters Kristian Jones, Martin Villasenor, Daniela Valero also contributed to this article.