STRONG TO THE FINISH: Freshman Tavion Jenkins runs to ward the in-zone in a game against the Lamar Vikings Oct. 25 on Wilemon Field. Jenkins said he started playing football when he was 12 years old and that balancing sports with school work is not difficult for him because he’s a student athlete. “I’m motivated to keep playing because my team needs me,” he said. “After all nobody wants to end up on the bench.” Photo by Alaja Moore.

By Luis Herrera, Staff Writer

This year’s freshman football season was better than last year, head coach Scott Chance said.

“The kids were more skilled this year than they were last year,” he said. “We had more talent than we did last year, I guess you can say.”

Personally, this season was horrible, freshman Justin Tone said.

“I feel like I can do better,” he said. “I can do better and win more games.”

The Texans ended the season 2-6-1. Next season, the team will work on blocking, tackling and catching the ball, Chance said.

“The best teams either block the best or tackle the best,” he said. “The best memory of the season is seeing the kids, even though we only won two games, but watching the kids every single game play hard four quarters, compete four quarters every single game.”

Luis Herrera

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