Photo by Photo by adviser L. Johnson

Varsity boys soccer team, 2017-18.

By Moises Castro, Editor-in-Chief

Head coach Joey Rodriguez has high hopes to win the state championship this soccer season, as the program just wrapped up tryouts Nov. 28.

Last year the varsity team did not make it past the second round of area play-offs. Two years ago, the team advanced to the state semifinals and lost to Dallas Jesuit, 2-1 in overtime.

“I was looking for guys who, one; play soccer that’s important,” Rodriguez said about tryouts. “Two; are in shape, and three; guys that are coachable that can listen and do what coaches ask for. We want to win the last game, that’s our goal.”

Senior Rafael Vazquez said he’s ready to win state this year. He’s been honing his skills to help the team go farther than the past few years.

“I think I did pretty good but, I could have done a little better,” Vazquez said about his tryout performance. “[This season I’m working on] turning with the ball, communicating with the team, passing the ball, making and keeping it 100 percent.”

Moises Castro

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