By Sarah Cruz and Daisy Arreguin

Two first team all district players, two second team all district players, two honorable mentions, and three district games were won during the 2018 softball season.

“You learn something new everyday,” varsity softball head coach Kimberly Born said. “It’s always a pleasure to coach the softball team, some years are tougher than others, but they’re all meaningful years.”

Senior Quazanae Bolden said they have won more games this season than any of the previous 10 years.

“I learned that communication was the main thing keeping the team together,” she said. “There were of plenty times where we lost communication and lost touch with each other and it caused a lot of problems within the team, but we eventually got back together.”

The team had more supporters this year and it had motivated her to do better and to show spectators they didn’t come out to watch a game for no reason, Bolden said.

“Mainly about our senior night, because that was one of our biggest games, that was a time where we really worked hard, we actually were dedicated the most and I’m just happy to see that, ” she said. “Because there was conflicts within the team. I’m just glad to see all the smiles and tears. There was lot’s of tears that night. And to see everyone come together even non-varsity members too.”

Senior Samiya Mohamed-Fawzy said she didn’t expect the season to come out this well based on her last season, but it worked out in the end. Especially with the rival school, Bowie.

“Our first game against Bowie, I hit a home run and we ended up winning that game,” Mohamed-Fawzy said. “It’s my first home run and also my last in high school.”

She plans to continue her softball career by practicing her batting to prepare for open tryouts at Texas Wesleyan University.

“Another thing was trying to make my mom proud because she used to play softball,” Mohamed-Fawzy said. “I feel like I did that.”

The team was in the top five and could’ve advanced to top three, but due to some complications it didn’t go as planned. They will get them next year, junior Leslie Martinez said.

“If you come to practice you can actually get somewhere in the season,” Martinez said. “I do need to get better in my batting, because it wasn’t that good this year, but I did do some plays.”

As a first time a varsity player, Martinez said she had hopes for the season and not just for herself.

“It was the seniors, how they are all leaving,” she said. “I just wanted to make it like a good senior year for them, and I hope they had a good senior year in softball.”

Junior Ariadne Gomez said the season was good and she had a lot fun which includes dumping water on coach Born after their victory senior night.

“I’m gonna miss the seniors,” Gomez said. “Come join our softball team.”

Sarah Cruz, Daisy Arreguin

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