To improve its playoff chances for the 2018-19 season the varsity football team will work on its offensive and defensive plays, assistant head coach Antonio Stinson said.

“Ideally, we would like to be a play off team, which means we have to finish in the top four within in our new district,” he said. “Also, I would like to finish high in the district, defensively, as well as offensively, be one of the top ranked units in both areas.”  

Stinson said defensively, the team has to create a “little bit of depth” and offensively, take advantage of the team’s speed. This year, several offensively skilled players, wide receivers were also on the sprint 4X200 relay team and finalist in the regional track meet. Several athletics have positioned themselves to earn athletic scholarships as well as academic scholarships next year.

“There’s potential in a couple of them and, only time will tell that because getting in that level takes a lot of opportunity, a lot of look, a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication and statistically only 3 percent of all high school players are going to play the collegiate level and so that number dwindles drastically going from the collegiate level to the NFL,” he said. “But there are some who have the ability. It’s just the matter of what happens over the next.”

Junior Omar Darame plays defensive tackle and defensive end. He wants to improve as a team next season. Personally, he plans to work hard to earn an athletic scholarship.

“I really like football because it helps me stay out of trouble and stuff really fun sport,” he said. “It helped me stay on top of my grades. It’s a physical sport you just, gotta be ready for that.”

To step up and be a leader on the varsity football team, junior Emmanuel Malek said he needs to be disciplined and the team needs to work together as one on the field

“I gotta take it all, gotta work hard, to dominate, and to just be great, to step up and be a leader, cuz it is my last year,” he said. “So, you gotta give all 100 percent. Fight through whatever’s going on. Dominate and compete with everybody.”

Freshman Juan Garza said next season he will use his speed to get around defenders because speed scares defenders. Garza ran track this season and qualified for regionals in the 4X200 and 4X100.

“[Last season] could’ve been better,” he said. “Due to my injury my athletic ability was limited. [I will] take care of my body, eat fruits and vegetables that I wouldn’t eat. Do rehab to make sure that I don’t get injured again with my ankle.”

Alejandro Rivera, Luis Herrera

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