Varsity baseball 2018 team.

By Juana Rodriguez, Journalism Reporter

The scoreboard doesn’t describe how good the varsity baseball season was, but they always judge their year on how the students came together as a team, head coach Scott Chance said.

“My coaching goal is to motivate kids to always be better than they were yesterday,” he said. “Being positive and motivating them and just try to be a good role model so they can excel on whatever they want to do.”

Sophomore Norberto Coronado joined the varsity team as a freshman, and he took on the challenge of dealing with players that were older and more experienced than him. He had to adjust, he said. He plans to play baseball as long as he can.

“Imagine standing about 60 ft from a guy throwing a ball 90 mph and you’re only 15 years old,” Coronado said. “I just want to follow my dad’s legacy. I believe if I follow his dreams I will go far too.”

The team could have done better on hitting and coming out a little bit more competitive against other teams, senior Shyheem Brabham-Kelly said. The season was good. He plans to play baseball in college.

“I’ve been playing since I was little,” he said. “This is the only sport I love so much. So, might as well keep playing it in high school and college as well.”

Senior Kameron Carroll feels the team put in a lot of work, but they should have put in more. They just didn’t challenge themselves, he said.

“I’m going to miss coach Chance,” Carroll said. “It’s a sad feeling.”

Juana Rodriguez

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