Loud cheers and claps were given for nine seniors that received the Texas Christian University Community Scholars Scholarship March 27 in the Little Theatre.

Seniors Linda Vu, Diana Do, De’Aysia Barner, Ruth Calderon, Hoang “Sally” Ho, Victoria Adeleke, Kelsey Bowie, Andra Land Jr. and Andrew Mitchell were granted $260,000 each, including the opportunity to study abroad.

Bowie, who entered the theatre first, shed a few tears as she passed people she knew and described the feeling as exhilarating.

“I worked hard, I stayed motivated in my academics, I’ve been involved, and I actually built more confidence in myself over the years,” She said. “I feel like I’ll be one step higher than I am now.”

Vu said receiving the scholarship changes the way she views furthering her education.

“It shows that I can really get whatever I want if I put in the work for it,” Vu said. “It makes me want to strive even more because it’s such a blessing to have this full-ride. So, I’ll take every advantage I have with it.”

The thought of applying for the scholarship did not cross her mind at first, but after learning about the scholarship last year Ho said she had to give it a try.

“I’m in disbelief!,” She said. “I cannot believe I am getting this right now. If a college offers you a full-ride you would, you know, try to strive for the scholarship.”

Adeleke said she prayed a lot.

“My family pushed me forward to get the scholarship because I know we can’t afford it,” She said. “So, I tried my best to get the scholarship. I hoped I would be in this position.”

Do said it was unexpected.

“I’m at a loss for words because walking in there was really unexpected,” She said. “I’m just happy that I did get in in the end.”

TCU has taken the stress out of attending college, Barner said.

“My only job is to be a great student and just do my best,” She said. “ I would have to worry a lot more. Just a lot of crazy confusion. Now, it’s just like, four years paid for, just show up.”

Mitchell said hard work pays off.

“I used to be very adamant about saying that I do so much and it never pays off and right now this is my payoff,” he said. “Now, I don’t have to pay for college.”

Remie Holcomb and Sarah Cruz

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