Lauv’s single “I like me better,” is about helplessly falling in love. The lyrics describe different settings where people can be in love.

As the song progresses, the chorus is about accepting the feeling and being happy about it.

The song is overall very upbeat and fun to listen to when driving. It has a comforting feeling of unwinding and living in the moment.

Lauv is definitely an artist to keep an eye on as he toured with Ed Sheeran and co-wrote songs with other artists. His songs mostly portray love and romantic relationships.

At first, the song didn’t really grab my attention, but the more I listened to it and paid attention to the lyrics, the more it pulled me in. I suggest watching the music video, it can give you a different perspective of the meaning of the song.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Gloria Gatica

[email protected]