Nineteen Business Professionals of America students are going to competition for the third year in a row Feb. 28 in Corpus Christi.

To prepare, the students review previous tasks and examples. They also get into groups and give each other feedback.

“I’m proud of them and it’s going to help them get more experience and go to new places,” BPA Coach Holli Brett said.

Junior BPA member Katherine Tran said she joined BPA because she enjoys using the computer and to show off her talents. Being on a team helps her bond and connect with others.

“My individual event is fundamental processing and my group event is presentation management team,” Tran said. “Going to events can be intimidating because I never know what to expect.”

Junior BPA student Valeria Ojeda completes in video production as a group event.

“I enjoy BPA because we get together to go to different places,” Ojeda said. “It feels pretty good beating other teams. Yet I get more anxiety because it’s a higher up event. I’m still excited to compete.”

Alexis Dominguez

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