The cheer team will host a parent and student assembly at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Little Theater.

“It’s giving information to parents and to students about cheerleading who would like to try out,” head coach Ronda Sherrill said. “They can get the information about what it takes to become a cheerleader and the cost of becoming one.”

Sherrill said she’s looking for students who are responsible, dependable, work harding, maintains good grades, has good attendance and are able to have fun.

April Ocampo, senior varsity cheerleader, has been cheering since her sophomore year and encourages others to try out.

Ocampo said cheerleading pushed her out of her comfort zone and helped her make new friends. She also said she wanted to try something new and decided to give it a shot to be more involved in her school activities.

“I’d encourage anyone who is wanting to try out and not to be shy,” she said. “We do expect a lot but as long as you’re good student, loud, smart, and have a lot of school spirit, you’ll be fine.”

Diego Perez

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