The small animal management program plans to breed rabbits for the 2018 spring competition.

Agriculture teacher Keith Gray said he’d like to find a male and another female that has pedigrees and papers. Gray said  prizes vary for goats and cows and typically belt buckles are awarded to winners. He also said cash prizes are awarded, but he’s not sure about how much students can win .

“There’s different shows that go around,” Gray said. “I think we’re going to try and hit five.  We’re not going to go to Houston or anything like that. We’ll stay local competitions.”

Sophomore Annie Rodriguez said the more time she spends with the rabbit the more she learns.

“I’ve learned that rabbits were so easily scared and they’re so delicate and need to be gentle with them,” she said. “They just seem so cool to learn and like you can do different types of things with different types of animals. Just knowing a lot about animals just seems really cool.”

Diego Perez

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