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When Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch on March, 3, 2017 it had broke many sale records. Even so, many say the Switch’s time in the spotlight will soon end, while others think that the Switch would become a big staple in the home consoles circle.

The Switch will become a staple in the home consoles circle.

To start off the Nintendo Switch does something that other consoles can’t do, turn into a portable console. The system’s main feature is being able to play the games on the go meaning that user can take all their games everywhere they go unlike the other home consoles. Not to mention you can also play multiplayer on the go with the Switches Joy-con controllers.This system is already different from the the other home consoles.

The console is also now releasing games that are made for home consoles such as Fifa, Rocket league, Skyrim, etc.These games are amazing by themselves and now they can be played with the Switches amazing graphics on the go. The Switches graphics are as good as the Wii u, but the one and good difference is that the frame rate does not drop at all during gameplay, which in the past has become a big problem in all consoles.

The Switch also has games that can’t be played anywhere else like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Odyssey, and the amazing game Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild. These games are amazing and one of a kind with awesome stories and competitive multiplayer. Being portable and playable at home these games make the switch what it is.

Some say the Nintendo Switch is just a glorified DS and it’s a stolen idea from other consoles. However, this Switch’s ability to become portable and home consoles and all the new games it has makes this system new and exciting and its own console.

People should give this console a shot by playing it and its demos at video games stores and special events to form their own opinion with experience and research.

The Switch is new and has many years of new games and new releases to come. This console will be a staple in home consoles and it’s not going anywhere any time soon

Moises Castro

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