DIanne Rosete

The Family Center will give out turkey dinner boxes from 6-7:30 p.m. Thursday at a local apartment complex.

Roslyn Burch, family center liaison, said most of the donations came from the teachers and St. Matthews’ youth ministry. She also said the boxes are equipped with traditional Thanksgiving items such as macaroni and cheese, a turkey, vegetables, potatoes, dressing mix, and dessert.

“We know that people in our community are struggling,” Burch said. “Because they’re struggling, we want to make sure that those that we know are having those difficult times have a blessed Thanksgiving just like the rest of us.”

The school has given out these turkey dinners for more than seven years. Principal Fernando Benavides said giving out the turkey dinners shows our heart and gratitude as a school.

“We are blessed as educators to have a job and provide for our own families and we know know many of our students struggle and many of our families struggle,” Benavides said. “This is just a way of giving back.”

The school is giving a turkey dinner to 51 families this year.

Andrew Mitchell

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