Memories of clean air and pet pigs are fond things agriculture teacher Keith Gray remembers from growing up on a farm.

“It was a lot of fun, it was peaceful, made my family really close to together,” Gray said.  “I had a pet pig and he was one of the cleanest animals I’ve ever had. He liked to roam around and he lived through the age of 21, but he was my favorite.”

Gray is now in charge of new SHHS agriculture program.

Sophomore Hailey Hernandez said she finds learning about agriculture  interesting. She said she was supposed to be in the small animal management class, but  her counselor enrolled her in the agricultural program.

“He’s an amazing teacher, he’s a really cool teacher, fun, smart, funny, and can also be serious when he needs to be,” Hernandez said. “I really like animals. I want to become a vet, and they put me in this class. It’s a really cool class too.”

Sophomore Manuel Sanchez said he was interested in the program because it was part of his endorsement. His middle school business industry teacher told him he could make a business out of farming.

“It’s just different from all these other classes,” Sanchez said. “You have more fun, actually go out and get to do things, view animals, and learn about them. It’s not just one boring subject like these other classes.”

Diego Perez

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