The long running British science fiction program, Doctor Who, features the adventures of a two-hearted, time travelling alien humanoid called “the Doctor” who belongs to a species known as Time Lords from the planet, Gallifrey. The Doctor — being a Time Lord — has the ability to ability to alter his physical form in instances that would normally lead to death, a process known as regeneration. This plot device has allowed the character of the Doctor to be portrayed by nearly a dozen actors, all of which have been male…until now. Over the summer it was announced that 35-year-old actress Jodie Whittaker would portray the thirteenth and first female incarnation of the Doctor.

Fans need not worry over the Doctor being played by a woman for the first time.

The casting of a woman as the Doctor is one that is long overdue, and something that should’ve happened long ago in the show’s history.

A female “Doctor” will show how any actor can be capable of portraying all of the Doctor’s best qualities and traits, regardless of race, sex, religion, or sexuality.

No matter who the Doctor is or what they look like, they never purposely or subconsciously abandon the best part about them — their willingness to defend those incapable of defending themselves. When it comes to the character of the Doctor, what should matter most about each actor playing them is their capability of best characterizing everything that makes the Doctor the Doctor.

Many have deemed the casting choice for the Thirteenth Doctor as “unrealistic” and “inaccurate,” while ignoring plot and show elements such as time and space travel, battling aliens and monsters, regeneration and immortality. One might find it hard to believe that the most unrealistic aspect of the series is the main character — who is a thousand-year old alien — being portrayed by a woman for the first time.

Fans should have no reason to worry over the Doctor being a woman for the first time; they should take into consideration all the other times the next actor to play the new Doctor was announced, and fans quickly began to judge due to the actor’s age or looks. When Matt Smith was announced as the Eleventh Doctor he was deemed as “too young,” and when Peter Capaldi

was announced as the Twelfth Doctor, he was deemed as “too old” and “unattractive”. Every actor to have played the Doctor has been harshly judged over trivial details before even starting their run as their respective Doctor. Jodie Whittaker’s casting may for the first time be a matter of gender, and not age or looks, but fans will come to love her Doctor for her performance regardless of gender.

Ruben Diaz Jr.

[email protected]