Step Team will host tryouts after school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the Auditorium.

New Sponsor, Tamara Caldwell, is responsible for making dance routines and picking the music. She says that her oldest step son when he was in high school was in step so she is used to going out and supporting his stepping helping any way she can. This is why she wanted to be sponsor.

“Hopefully, we will compete in a few competitions and winning is one thing students like to do, but I want us to make sure we have fun and work as a team and work hard those three things,” she said.

Junior Ann Sarara was on the team last year.

“Yeah, I am planning on trying out because ever since I was a little kid in elementary I always loved stepping,” Sarara said. “I’m not interested in anything else other than step.

Sarara wants to be able to relive what she did in elementary. To show what she can do because she knows she can.

“If anyone new wants to come to step team they got to have their a game up and if they want to step there is no messing around because step is serious,”  Sarara said.

Caldwell can’t wait to start practice and Sarara can’t wait to start stepping again.

Moises Castro

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