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With the upcoming release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Nov. 12 the fandom is in chaos with a good 50/50 split. Half either believes these will be the best games of the whole series or they believe these games are nothing special.

These games will be the best games in the whole series.

The old games Sun and Moon had the most updated Pokemon graphics at the time, straying away from the traditional chibi design style having more realistic size differences. With every new game that comes out, better graphics come along as well so based on that and the new pokemon trailers the graphics and animation design from these games will be the best from any game.

The Rotom-dex a fun companion and useful tool for Pokemon Sun and Moon players will now offer new features and a unique Z-move in the new ultra games. Rotom-lotto is a lottery system that will give the player items that will range from potions to even Pokemon eggs. This cute companion will also get a new Z-move that will let the player use one more Z-move even if they had already used one in battle totally breaking the rules of the previous games making the ultra games fresh and different.

Last, but not least, in the new Ultra Sun and Moon games the player will finally be able to explore different dimensions with use of ultra wormholes and the new and improved Sun and Moon legendaries who are fused with Necrozma the prism Pokemon. As shown in the trailers the player will be able to explore new dimensions with the homelands of ultra beast and the new world Ultra Megalopolis where Necrozma has stolen the light. The legendaries in these new games will now be fused with Necrozma a feature only ever seen in Pokemon Black and White two and these new pokemon Dusk mane and Dawn wings Necrozma with new Z-moves right along with them. With new legendaries and world to explore, these games are ground breaking.

Those who look down on these games say it is not any different from the first games and that they are just showering in new features to make them seem interesting. However, better graphics and new worlds to see make these games stand apart from their original counterparts being totally new and exciting.

New and Old players alike should give these games a chance and try them out and then form an opinion.

The new Ultra Sun and Moon games will be the best games ever easily topping the previous games.

Moises Castro

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