Since school started teachers have been receiving a large amount of spam emails each day.

Spam emails are emails sent by people who want to gain access to users’ information or their contact lists.

LAN tech Linda Booth said the number of spam emails a person receives per day varies.

“Some days you can receive five or more, other days just one and on a really good day you won’t receive any,” Booth said.

Teachers and students should never open or click on any email that they don’t recognize or that looks funny or suspicious. Spam emails look like normal emails, but contain disguised links that appear to be for familiar websites.

Booth said people may not know that by clicking on the links inside of spam emails they could be downloading files that could cause computers to crash, or make it where users can’t access their files.

There is not a lot the district can do to prevent spam emails, Booth said. But the district is sending out flyers to employees to help them understand what to do when they receive a strange email.

By Laura Perez

[email protected]

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