Junior Ismael Chavez cuts a metal bar in pieces for a class project. Photo by junior Diego Perez.

Students had the chance to experience what kind of opportunities are available for jobs in the construction field or gain knowledge for college scholarships from at construction career day.

Junior Ismael Chavez said he has always been interested in construction since his father works in that field. He wants to be a pipeline welder because they are in high demand in oil companies, but it’s a dangerous job.

“I learned more job opportunities about companies that are looking to hire and colleges that offer scholarships,” Chavez said. “I’ve learned that there are college courses offered here in scholarship to TCC.”

Chavez is well aware of the dangers of a pipeline welder, which include burns, falling, pinching, inhaling fumes from the welding process, coatings or some contaminated substances used in pipes. He has always been interested in construction, because his father works in construction so he thought it would be better if he received a diploma to better understand his field of work.

Woodshop instructor Dathan Neumeyer said he encourages students to attend events like these to help students understand what opportunities exist in their fields. Everyone has their own paths, it is his job to make sure they explore their own unique paths, he said.

“Invest yourself into what you love, and if you do that dreams come true,” Neumeyer said. “I have talks with my students, just human to human interaction.”

Senior Youan-Esai Miranda said beginners should work hard and put pride into their work because it could become a reality. He learned there are a lot of job opportunities in this field. He is also considering becoming a welder.

“I would like to be a welder for the military,” Miranda said. “I like the tanks that they have and their armored vehicles.”

Diego Perez

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