Businessman and television personality, Donald J. Trump is now the 45th President of the United States.

Since his victory, reactions have varied greatly. No matter how one reacts to the final results of this grueling and arduous election, there is one way ALL people ought to respond to Trump’s victory.

The American people and all those who oppose Trump and his victory should do what there is left to do — give Trump a chance.

This is an opportunity to see how our country will progress in the next four years with Trump as president.

Whatever the reason for your opposition against Trump and his victory, the most logical and respectable thing to do is accept it and watch the direction in which he leads our country in the next four years.

In order to prove his worth as president, Trump has promised he cares about all Americans and their well-being, regardless if they supported him or not during the election, as any well-suited leader would.

When cheering his famous slogan, “Make America Great Again,” he means it for ALL Americans, leaving out no citizen in his mission to make this country better.

Trump would make it his mission as president to provide equal opportunities for everyone — “You know, I have the theme ‘Make America Great Again,’ and I’ve added a couple of things,” he said at a rally in Richmond, Va. “Right now I’m adding make America great again — I’m adding ‘for everyone,’ because it’s really going to be for everyone. It’s not going to be for a group of people, it’s going to be for everyone. It’s true.”

So, no matter how you feel about him — like him, hate him, agree or disagree with him — he will fight to be YOUR president.

Trump has also expressed many times his plans to make America a safer place to live.

After the 2015 San Bernardino attack, it was revealed one of the perpetrators hadn’t been properly vetted during her process of entering the United States. Trump proposed strengthening the vetting process for properly entering the U.S. He also proposed blocking parts of the internet, which recruit young people for the Islamic State, which could decrease their manpower.

Opponents argue they’re against Trump because of his stance on illegal immigration and because they think his comments were directed toward Mexicans, Hispanics, or Latinos as a whole. Trump was not speaking against people of Hispanic/Latino descent, but rather against illegal immigration and the people who commit the crime.

In order to convince people to give Trump a chance, we must ease whatever fears they have about him by properly educating them on whatever it is about him they fear, whether it be his stance on illegal immigration, his proposal to start mass deportation or his “racism.”

All those who oppose Trump should give him a chance.

Ruben Diaz Jr.

[email protected]

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