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Some people think Donald Trump should be the next president.

I think Donald Trump shouldn’t be president because we need a leader who’s going to support the people.

Donald Trump is a businessman, but doesn’t have experience working with the community. Trump wants to control the world, but he doesn’t know about our health care, education, etc.

Trump has been disrespectful to women. He stated that women shouldn’t get full pay unless they work as hard as men. Also, Trump was disrespectful to women by calling them rats, dogs, slabs, etc.

Trump has a bad point of view against Mexican immigrants. He wants to deport Mexican immigrants back to their countries. He stated that Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists, and they are only bringing drugs and weapons into the United States.

People think Trump should be president because he wants to protect the country from crime. In general, Mexicans that have or haven’t been to prison aren’t criminals and rapists.  

I think Donald Trump shouldn’t because he doesn’t respect people.

Laura Perez

[email protected]