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Students who live in close proximity to each other can now walk to and from school safely, thanks to one SHHS teacher.

“The student that carried the gun to school inspired me to make this project,” said social studies teacher Jordan Gallegos. “He felt afraid walking to and from school. My students walk alone after school dealing with dogs running after them and people messing with them. So, I felt the need to make this so students never feel afraid to come to school.”

Interested Students should visit room 629 to be paired up with another student close to their residence so they can walk to and from school together, if they choose.

“I thought it would be better to have someone to walk with so time can go by faster,” freshman Jessie Burns said.

Gallegos said her goal is to spread the word so wide that it becomes a norm. She wants incoming freshmen to have someone to walk with.

“I feel safer because it’s safer to walk in groups than alone,” freshman Jacob Rocket said.

Latricia Ardison

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